Vinyl film wrap is an incredible alternative to painting the hull. Wide selection of colors in gloss, satin, matte and metallic finishes provides the client with many options to customize and personalize the boat and to achieve a unique look. Full hull color change can be completed in matter of days, and the wrapping protects the gel coat of the new yacht or competely renews the look of older yachts. Vinyl wraps last for years, require no polishing and won’t fade or go cloudy with time.


Applying high quality architectural finish is a must in the yacht renovation process. Whether you want a complete make-over or just a few changes, there are many options regarding colors and textures. It’s possible to apply vinyl film to all kind of different surfaces – from walls, ceilings, doors, tables to cabinets and shelves.


We can produce and apply any kind of striping on your vessel. Boot stripes, cove stripes or decorative pinstripes can be made from wide selection of colors. The stripes are cut from high quality polymeric or cast vinyl for increased durability. With use of 3M Knifeless Tape we have the option to adapt to any shape of hull, or to follow a particular design.


Window film is used to decrease the amount of solar energy (heat) and ultraviolet light entering through windows.
Many benefits come with installing window film in your yacht:

• Temperature drop
• Improved energy savings
• Reduced glare
• Improved comfort
• Increased privacy
• Increased safety

Unlike curtains or blinds that need to be closed to be effective, window films are designed to allow light in, help reduce heat and glare, and maintain your view, all at the same time.
Window film increases safety by helping to hold broken glass together, preventing flying glass shards.